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The new project series of stimmen afrikas – Wings with Roots – Dynamic Belongings – is inspired by the renowned philosopher, writer Kwame Anthony Appiah and his book The Lies that Bind – Rethinking Identity (Profile Books 2018). The new series is dedicated to diverse worldviews and alternate forms of knowledge production and invites us to open up to literary voices that convey a dynamic understanding of identity. Excellent Black writers tell stories from plural worlds with all the challenges and creative potentials that unfold in our global and diversely intertwined world(s).

Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah spent his childhood in Ghana and England and has taught philosophy on three continents and is currently professor at NYU. His talk will highlight the potentials of dynamic identities in literatures and thus marks the start of the new literary series by stimmen afrikas. The Hamburg-based writer Lubi Barre, born in France, raised in Somalia and the U.S., will perform some of her poetry. Afterwards both guests will enter a discussion with TV-moderator Liz Shoo on the great potentials of international and dynamic biographies offering a rich, divers and flexible repertoire of skills and experiences.

The event will be conducted in English

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Eine Veranstaltung von stimmen afrikas in Kooperation mit VHS, Englisches Seminar I – Universität zu Köln, Global South Studies Center Cologne,  Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies und Theodor Wonja Michael Bibliothek

Gefördert von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb, Kunststiftung NRW und Stadt Köln

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